Heritage Counseling Ministry

LIfe is hard, Walking in Christ is a challenge for every believer.  Sometimes the circumstances of life can feel overwhelming and cause one to lose sight of the hope and victory in Christ.  We desire to come alongside those who are struggling and hurting, to provide biblical perspective to life's ups and downs.

What is BIblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is just what is sounds like...counseling focused on God's Word and how it applies to everyday life.  Biblical counseling seeks to get at the heart of life and seek heart change, which then leads to thought and behavior change.  Working at the heart level brings about lasting change in life.

Who is Counseling for?

Our counseling ministry is open to anyone who is in need of help.  We counsel individuals, couples, and even families.  We seek to offer biblical counseling for addictions, marital issues, parenting struggles, grief, loss, temptations, and a host of other needs.  While we seek to serve our church family first and foremost, we often have openings to help our community as well.

How to Get started

The best way to get started in counseling is to fill out the counseling information packet, which is linked in the picture to the right.  After the completed packet has been submitted and reviewed, someone will contact you to set up a time to meet.

For more information:

For more information, contact the church office at 972-938-1463.