This purpose of Heritage Baptist Church is to spread a passion for the glory of God in all things, for the joy of all people. 


Heritage Baptist Church has but one mission based on the Great Commission and Great Commandment... to develop disciples who passionately pursue Christ Jesus. 


Because Jesus Christ is our greatest treasure and greatest pleasure in life, we are developing our lives to PURSUE Him alone. But what does a disciple passionately pursuing Christ look like? The following are the characteristics that define what we see ourselves becoming. We have certainly not reached all of them, but we are striving with all our hearts.     

Partakers of Christ: Salvation

Uniting with followers of Christ: Fellowship 

Rejoicing in Christ: Worship

Submitting to Christ: Lordship

Understanding God's Word about Christ: Discipleship

Imitating the Life of Christ: Transformation

Nurturing others to be like Christ: Ministry 

Going into all the world for Christ: Evangelism