Transition back to on-campus Worship

We will begin holding two morning services,
beginning May 10th (Mother’s Day) until further notice.

This has been a very different time in the life of our families, community, nation, and church. I
am so thankful for a church family that has checked in, encouraged one another, and prayed
for one another. I am also so thankful to hear that orders and measures are beginning to ease
a bit in the state of Texas.
With that said, through much prayer and consideration, the leadership of Heritage have
formulated a plan for meeting together at church again. With the vague wording of the most
recent executive orders of Governor Abbott, that “churches may increase capacity”, while still
considering social distancing and public hygiene, we have come up with the following to
begin moving back to assembling for on-campus worship.
As we walk you through these steps, please know we want everyone to feel comfortable and
safe attending church. If you or others in your family have health issues or “at risk” factors
that could be compromised by the virus, please do not feel pressured to attend church just
yet. We will continue recording the service (moving to live stream rather than taped).

If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask and/or gloves while attending,
please feel free to do so. We will all do our very best to respect one another’s space while we
are on-campus. Our goal in making this transition back to on-campus worship is to assemble
together as Scripture calls us to and to provide further opportunity to admonish and sharpen
one another through the study of God’s Word.
SO, here is the plan we have come up with. We will begin holding two morning services,
beginning May 10th (Mother’s Day) thru the end of May 2020:

- Service #1 will be held from 9am-10am
• Those asked to attend the first service are as follows:
- Worship Team
- Glen Moore’s Deacon Care Group
- Richard Wing’s Deacon Care Group
• There will not be nursery or Children’s church at this time.

- Service #2 will be held from 10:30am-11:30am
• Those asked to attend the second service are as follows:
- Worship Team
- Al Martin’s Deacon Care Group
- Gene David’s Deacon Care Group
- Ben Lawrence’s Deacon Care Group
• There will not be nursery or Children’s church at this time.

Now let me explain the reasoning of these arrangements…The breakdown of these deacon
care groups, along with the potential for returning visitors, will provide each service with a
potential of 50-60 people. That is the only reason the groups were split up like they were.
With our sanctuary layout, and the stationary position of the pews, we believe these will be
“safe” numbers for each service. Now lets take a moment to answer a few potential
questions you may have about these upcoming changes:
So what can I expect on Sunday, May 10th when I arrive for my scheduled service time?
• You can expect a warm greeting, through a smile and a wave.
• You can expect a clean and prepared auditorium.
• You can expect hand sanitizer at both the front entry and welcome center doors.
• You can expect a bulletin with sermon notes inside
• You can expect signs on every other pew, noting that particular pew is “not for seating”.
• I pray you can expect a worship service of music, prayer, and preaching, all accomplished
through the leading hand of the Holy Spirit.
What if I don’t feel comfortable coming back just yet?
• You are welcome to wait a while longer, just to be safe.
• We will continue recording the services and providing them on the internet through
live stream on YouTube. (more information to come)
• We will do our best to reach out to those that are not in attendance, just to check-in and
ensure everything is “ok”.
What if I don’t know which Deacon Care Group my family is in?
• Over the weekend and early part of next week, each deacon will be reaching out to his
care group members.
• If, by chance you do not get a call or message, don’t hesitate to contact the church and
we can help you figure out which service you are part of.
What do I do about my giving?
• In order to maintain a “safe” environment, we will not “pass the plate.”
• However, the offering drop boxes are available, as well as plates set on the remembrance
table and front entry table.
• If you are not quite ready to come back on-campus, you may still give through mail, or by
using the Church Center giving app.

Heritage Family, I am thankful for the opportunity to move back to on-campus worship. I pray
it will be a time of encouragement and growth. I am also thankful for the leadership team of
Heritage, who are committed to leading under God’s authority and guidance. I am thankful
for many through these past couple of months who have worked so hard to provide recorded
worship and children’s material. I am thankful for the opportunities we have had to pray for
one another and share burdens and prayer requests. I am thankful for the faithfulness of
God’s people to continue giving to ensure bills are paid and ministries are covered. I am also
very thankful for a loving heavenly Father who has not been surprised by any of this. I am
thankful for a Savior who provides rescue from the fears of this life and offers eternal salvation
to all who would trust and obey. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit and His guiding hand
through every step of this process so far, and every step to come. As we look forward to
reuniting in on-campus worship, please take time to consider where God has been working
on your heart over the past couple of months. Perhaps God has used this time to open your
heart to an area of ministry at the church or in the community through the church. As we
come back together, would you take steps to begin helping/leading/training for that area of
I continue to pray for you all regularly and very much look forward to our time together in the
very near future. Until that time, may God richly bless you and your family as we continue
walking in His truth and living out the Great Commission in front of a world in desperate need.
Pastor Sam


At Heritage we are in all seasons of life, but are together as friends and family. Heritage Baptist Church has a mission for everyone to grow in their daily walk of becoming like Christ. As we grow and mature as believers, so will our missions to one another and to the world around us. We would love for you to join us for Worship.